No New Year resolutions for me, since I already on the naughty step, having failed in my aim to write at least one post every month! But, I will forgive myself, given that it's been a very busy, but productive build up to New Year with my fledgling business.

I've actually had a lot of sales and all with very positive reviews. I've loved making the items too. So it's been a plus, plus, all the way.

Wanting to share my successes with you here and shout outs to pattern designs I've been enjoying along the December 2020 way!



Mr Smurf!

First of all, please say "hello" to this popular little character.

First crocheted for my own use - needing two pairs of glasses , often comically wearing distance glasses pair balanced on top reading glasses, to crochet whilst waching TV.

The first prototype of Mr Smurf now sits on my coffee table, holding my reading glasses close to hand.

But, all visiting family members kept trying to cuddle (or heaven forbid, steal!!) him. Hence, came the idea to make one for others to purchase as gifts.

His siblings have proved as popular as my Mr Original and I continue to make others for orders and plan to give him a wife in pink very soon!

So, its with many thanks to "Repeat Crafter Me" at www.repeatcrafterme.com for this wonderful, fun pattern.


Magic Ombre Hat

Secondly, I am pleased to thank Kerry Jane Designs for her lovely and clever beanie pattern, to which I became slightly addicted! So it is just as well others felt the same, so their purchases meant I had a good excuse to divert from online Christmas shopping, to my favorite of all hobbies; buying more yarn from the income from those sales!! A happy vicious circle indeed - just like Kerry's pattern!

So, it's a big thank you again to Kerry Jane for her Ombre Magic Hat pattern to be found at www.kerryjaynedesigns.com and on Etsy.


On a more local, personal note, one of the highlights of my Christmas sales has been the enthusiasm and lovely comments from the friend of a daughter who placed three "made to order" requests for hat for herself, her partner and her mother. I used my own "designs", researched the best yarns for the requested colours and I was pleased with the results. It's always nerve wracking whether or not the customer will like the items as much as you do.

So it was with great delight I received this wonderful photo review and great praise for the hats . . . . .

THANK YOU so much, Sarah - you have given me such a boost and the confidence to

carry on with this new Crochet adventure.

Sarah - my personal favorite highlight of 2020!!

And, what a great image to inspire a sense of optimism for 2021!!

Happy New Year everyone :-)

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