Introduction and Hello! Welcome to my very first Blog Post!

This is me . . . . the dog is my daughter's

adorable Chihuahua, Toby!

Just a few words about myself, I guess.

I began crochet aged 10 years old, taught by my grandmother who lived opposite me in a tiny vilIage in the rural North East England, near Durham City.

Frosterley village. . tiny!

Crochet was an unusual hobby to develop in the village, where most crafters were older women who knit and sewed.

Access to materials was difficult and since we were also poor, wool became a precious commodity. I guarded my size 3.5mm hook (it was obviously a size 9 hook in imperial measures back in those days) with my life. I also remember unravelling old jumpers of my Dad's to make endless granny squares!

I consider myself experienced at crochet now, some many decades later! I pride myself in aiming to make high quality items. As I face transitioning from a full-time career working in the NHS to become a full-time carer, crochet is becoming more than just a hobby. No big business lady here though. I am hoping just to sell enough of my handmade items in my brand new "All Hooked Up" online store to buy more wool to carry on my hobby.

I've tentatively popped my toe in the water of designing patterns too. Slowly but surely, hopefully, I will build up a little portfolio of my own designs to share with others.

Crochet has always been a way of relaxing and I am sure all crochet lovers will agree, it's rhythm is soothing and meditative. I am finding it invaluable to help with carer stress. I have no doubt I will add to this theme of the healing nature of crochet in future blogs!

I hope to be a positive blog writer - imagining I am sharing this new journey with others at the same part of the journey. Regular headings will include, not only "crochet therapy" themes and related mindfulness topics, but also lots of reviews of all the crochet related items that have proved invaluable to me in recent months.

Reviews of my favourite patterns, stitches, yarns, equipment, blogs and bloggers as well as You Tube entrepreneurs who blow me away with their skill and confidence.

I aim only to be critical about my own completed projects and blog development. I am too indebted to so many talented people for their inspirational work.

I would like to begin by thanking Sylvia of Crazy Cool Crochet of for giving me the confidence to begin this step towards blogging and setting up my crochet online shop. Sylvia has a self-effacing, quiet style and is very honest about her own confidence issues and mistakes along the way. What is particularly impressive is the amount of material she has researched in terms of videos, books, other blogs, articles as well as having tread the boards herself of craft shows, Etsy etc. I would highly recommend her video "Make money with crochet" if you are thinking of starting off your own blog.

A thank you too, to Wix. I tried a number of website builders and had many disastrous starts. Without Wix's clarity, I doubt I would have got this far!

But my biggest thank you, I reserve to my wonderful twin daughters, aged 25 years, who are my biggest motivators, fans, models, inspirations, helpful critics for this process and the joys of my life. Not forgetting my patient husband, who has perfected the art of subtle eyeball rolling when yet another parcel of wool arrives at our door.

I hope you will be patient and kind in your comments towards this aspiring Blogging and Online Shop novice. And, please do not hesitate to pass on any words of wisdom or advice; gently of course!

Many thanks for reading. 😊

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