HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY - handmade items always succeed!

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Happy Mothers Day to all those special mothers out there - including me, of course. I am the proud Mum to two beautiful twin girls (well, women, now that they are both 25 years old!). Hope you have (had) a lovely day and been spoilt rotten.

I do understand that Mother's Day can be also a painful reminder for so many too. My own mother passed away just over two years ago and is sorely missed by us all as a family, so we share that sadness too.

However, I am lucky enough to have a lovely Mother-in-Law still very much still with us at 83 years old, who we visit regularly back in our home community of County Durham, England.

Ideed, my mother-in-law is the inspiration for this particular post! During my last visit to her, she was using an old piece of carped under her feet in her TV chair to protect her new carpet.

So I hunted out the biggest, chunkiest cotton yarn and did what I call "freestyle in the round" to create this footmat for her.

She was really delighted with this - which just proves my starting point - handmade items always succeed!

Hope you have (had) a wonderful, special day and everyone continue to take care.

Sue xx

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